Harrison Ford’s Own Peter Pan

George Lucas signed off on this.  For that, he can never be forgiven.

The Star Wars Holiday Special (quicktime video)

Featuring:  Chewbacca and his family; a cooking demonstration; Bea Arthur singing; Carrie Fisher singing; and other unspeakables.  I have my Peter Pan ignominy, Harrison Ford has this.


  1. Jason says:

    oh my….I…..I can’t unsee that…


  2. Coda says:

    quite disturbing


  3. graham says:

    I saw that years ago, around the time I started dismissing the star wars flicks. I wrote Lucas off years earlier, after I saw Willow. Even as a child I saw the error in his vision/method. The only reason anyone likes star wars is a clinging to childhood memories and comforting sensations when faced with a cold, boring adult life. It is a better delusion then drugs and alcohol, which seems more mature and sexy when one is in the midst of, but are infact about as shitty as Star Wars.


  4. StarWarsKid says:

    Maybe your “adult” life is cold and boring but if you instead embraced the ways of the jedi you would be fulfilled. You may think drugs and alcohol are sexy but they are nothing when compared to mediclurions and light sabers. Your cynical approach to life reminds me of a young Han Solo. Only when you accept into your heart the powers of the force will happiness (and princesses) be yours.


  5. graham says:

    He was doin’ alright before he became whipped by the Skywalkers. And I actually think drugs and booze are as stupid as Star Wars…only sexy when immersed in it.


  6. Rob says:

    For me, one of the reasons I like Star Wars is because of the potential that that universe holds (in terms of excitement in cinema). That is has almost continually fallen well short of realising that potential is sad.
    So, I guess I’m saying I like Star Wars for the wonderful movies that the whole series could have been or could be in the future.
    If that makes any sense.
    That, and the space ships.


  7. Yanik says:

    I’ve just spent 15 minutes trying to think of an appropriate comment for what I just saw…
    …found a nice booger…
    …named it chewy.


  8. dave s says:

    dear mr. macdonald.

    thank you for posting the clip from george lucas’ latest star wars film, the return of the sick. all i can say is “wowsers!” i can’s wait for my leg to heal so that i can go see this film. i am thrilled to see/hear that there are now lyrics to the star wars theme. do you hear that, mr. speilberg? lyrics for the jaws theme??? say no more. may the force be with you and nanu-nanu.


  9. maryanne says:

    Makes you almost wish the trash compactor won.


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