Happy Anniversary, Darling Wife

Today is my and my wife’s 18th wedding anniversary.  We got married on Canada Day in 1987.  We chose Canada Day because we thought that each year, we’d both have our anniversary off to do whatever we pleased.
I think in the past 18 years, we’ve maybe had one or two Canada Days only where we’ve both been off work.  Karyn is a summer tour guide and most Canada Days she works.  I’ve had probably a third of my Canada Days in the past where I’d have a show performance or rehearsal…
Oh well, so much for those "day off" plans.  We’ll have them in our retirements, perhaps.

So, on this day of anniversary, both personal and national, a day that was spent by me cutting the grass and helping my father with a couple of computer questions, I’d like to say to my wife, who has spent the day telling tourists the history of our Island, that I love her.
And so, I will.

I love you Karyn. 

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me or my world.
Many more, okay?

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  1. dave s says:

    as one of the lucky atendees at the original macdonald-hickox union i say, “yay! happy damn anniversary macdonalds! and, oh fudge, was that really 18 years ago?!


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