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TV Guide is a, ahem, magazine that we’ve always just subscribed to.  Used to be, it was invaluable for tv listings.  I’ve realised recently, that over the past few years, I’ve been relying on TV Guide less and less for listings information.  Partly this is due, I think, to my watching less television, and knowing precisely when the shows I do watch are on.  Occasionally, TV Guide will hip me to an interesting show that I might not otherwise have known about.  More than ever, it’s now simply the magazine I pick up and read when in the bathroom.
The articles in TV Guide have been bugging me for quite some time.  I dislike the, ahem, journalistic approach they seem to favour (very too much fluff and very pro-CTV Global programs) and do not agree with their opinions very often.  And it’s very much a female-oriented magazine, with far too much emphasis on fashion.
I’ve been thinking, for a while, of cancelling my subscription, but never got around to it.
Now, with this week’s edition, I have the reason to do so.  This week, TV Guide presented to the people of Atlantic Canada (and Ontario and Quebec), their new "Eastern Edition".  Now, all listings are presented in Eastern Time zone only.  That means that we in Atlantic Canada now must convert the times listed to our time zone.  Sure, this is fairly simple, by adding an hour to all the listings, but it really bugs me that we have to do that.  It bugs me because they’re implying that this change is somehow an improvement to their customers.  Obviously, to us in Atlantic Canada, it is not an improvement, and obviously, this is a cost-cutting measure.  But it is a pain in the ass.  A slight pain in the ass, but, principly, a pain in the ass, nonetheless.
It bugs me enough to email TV Guide and cancel the remainder of my subscription, and that’s what I did on Monday..  So far, I haven’t heard back from them, but I’m interested to hear how spin this.
I’ll post their reply if a) I ever get one, and b) it’s interesting enough to post.


  1. davem says:

    maybe the above link will help rob.


  2. davem says:

    i mean the link on my name…


  3. graham says:

    Nice, Dave.


  4. RyanT says:

    excellent link, exactly what I have been looking for, thanks


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