Tom Green CPAC Ads

I’ll admit I was a Tom Green fan for, literally, about 7 minutes.  Just before he became big in the States.  I saw a segment of his cable show, where he went to a pharmacy and, embarassment be damned, asked all kinds of questions about condoms, to anyone who he could ask.  It was funny.  But in the short segment was contained pretty much the totality of my appreciation of Tom Green’s talents. (does that last sentence even make sense?  Maybe not, but I like it.) Since then I’ve sort of seen him as a desperate guy desperate to live up to the hype that surround(ed)s him.   His comedy is like an autistic’s scream: annoying, loud, and totally self-absorbed.
His latest foray into public awareness leaves me feeling just as empty.  Now, with the Canadian election coming up, he’s hawking, in television ads, the CPAC cable channel.  If you haven’t seen CPAC, basically it’s this:  (seemingly) unedited footage of politicians in the minutae of their day-to-day campaigns.  Pretty dry stuff, for the most part.  Yet, somehow mesmerizing.
Anyway, Tom Green, in television ads, is (I’m guessing) supposed to be enticing us, in his Wacky! way, to watch CPAC.  Only, it’s not Wacky!.  Not in the least.  It’s empty and uninspired.
I’d say “Tom Green, you can do better than that!”  but I’m not so sure he can.

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  1. phbl says:

    speaking of empty and uninspired… another blog!


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