Grammy Sound Off

I didn’t see all the Grammys last night, but I saw some of the production.  Seemed to me that the audio during performances was often awful, with horrendous levels between vocals and instruments.  It really made some of the performances seem second-rate.
Enjoyed the Kanye West production.  It was great to see Paul McCartney rock out.  His voice, on Helter Skelter, sounded stronger than it has in years.  Didn’t much appreciate the first song he sang, when he was plunking the piano.  I’ll blame that on the poor audio mixing, though.  And he showed up singing Yesterday in the Jay-zee/Linkin Park mashup.  Too bad the LP guy was trying to sing with Paul on Yesterday.  Too bad because, you know, he failed.  And made the song sound bad.
Coldplay.  Please wake me when their expiration date has passed.
U2.  Another solid performance by the world’s greatest ever rock band.  Didn’t like the duet with what’shername, though.
What else?
I can’t say I am in favour of the current (for a while now) trend of singers warbling their voices as they sing up and down, all around the intended note.  Is it Whitney that we blame for that?  I know she didn’t innovate it, but she certainly popularized it, no?  Hit the note and stick with it.
The Sly Stone tribute was terrible, I thought.  Again, I think that had more to do with the poor audio than anything.
The obligatory country songs performances.  I guess these artists are famous within their genre, but my goodness their songs were bland.  It’s almost a crime to call those veiled pop songs “country”.

This Grammys show won’t be winning any Emmys.


  1. señior psychosis says:

    Funny. I find that Coldplay tends to mimic U2.
    More pop than rock.


  2. graham says:

    U2… Not too many in-betweens… People Either love them as the greatest rock band ever, or they can barely stand hearing a song.


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