Then They Was All Dopes!

Joe Theismann, former NFL quarterback, forever infamous as the guy in that video clip they show sometimes whose legs snaps in two during a game years ago, has been railing to the media about how it’s a “disgrace” that Ricky Williams is allowed to play football this year in the CFL.  Here’s his latest opinion, from the Miami Herald.  Maybe you need to sign-in to read that?  I don’t know.
I’m surprised that he’s still talking about it.  It’s been, like, a week since he’s been making headlines on – oh, I get it.  Now I understand why he’s still talking about it.  He’s making headlines.
Even beyond that, though, I find it interesting that Joe seems so worked up about this.  The NFL’s rules and penalties are not binding in the CFL, so I don’t really think there should be an issue with Ricky himself.  If you’re going to get mad, Joe, get mad at the CFL for not being tougher on drugs.  I guess he’s upset, also, because he used to play for Toronto?
Another thing I find disappointing about this whole thing is that there seems to be no difference, in Joe’s mind (or the NFL’s), between someone like Williams, who (used to?) smokes marijuana, and someone who traffics it, or someone who uses much harder substances.  To him, they are all equally guilty and all subject to the exact same (high) level of scorn.  Joe’s son was arrested in 2002 for use and distribution of crack cocaine, so I understand that he probably has valid reasons for speaking out about drug use.  He says his feelings have been consistent about drug use by players, but what I think he fails to acknowledge is that not all drug use should be considered on the same plain.  Personally, I think the NFL’s drug policy is far too tough on a lesser drug such as marijuana.  I don’t think players should be penalized for smoking, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their performance.
Finally, this quote from Joe:  “Clearly, Ricky doesn’t care about the rules that he has to live by to
play in the NFL. If that’s the case, let him go do what he wants.”  Joe, Ricky isn’t playing in the NFL.  And what does his playing in the CFL have to do with his caring or not caring about the NFL rules?  

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