Meow Squared

Our family cat died about a year ago, I think.  At the time, all of us, I think, were pretty sure that the days of us living with feline companionship were over.  We’d done the cat thing, and it went very well, even if it ended sadly and suddenly.
A few months later, though, we started talking seriously about getting a dog.  The concept was appealing to us, to the point where we were searching for a dog to call our own, with the full intention of adopting him/her.  However, as the days turned to weeks turned to months, and as it never seemed to come to fruition, I think the idea of a having a dog began to become engulfed by the realities of having a dog. 
The desire to search for a dog weakened, and now, I think the very strong urge for us to get a dog has passed.  If we had adopted a dog, I have no doubt that we’d be very happy with our choice.  But the fact remains that we kept putting that final step off. One factor that kept me from that final step was the concept of picking up a dog’s shit with a plastic bag and carrying it around for the rest of a walk.  To me, this indicates a fault in our society, and made me re-think the very idea of owning a dog.
And yet, the pet desire remained and we began to think about cats.  We like cats, all of us.  We missed having that feline companionship.  And so, we decided to adopt a cat.
In fact, we decided to adopt two cats.  Today, we went to the PEI Humane Society and adopted two cats.  Kittens.  A brother and a sister.  They have yet to be spayed/neutered, so we won’t be bringing them home until later next week.  But we are pretty happy with our choices and are all looking forward to the two new additions to our family.
I’ll post pics, of course, when they arrive home.  If we haven’t given them names yet, by the time I post their pics, maybe I’ll ask for suggestions.


  1. Paul H says:

    How about Fuddle and Duddle?
    Riff and Raff?
    Ozzy and Heriott?
    George and Gracie?
    Barbie and Ken?
    Bonnie and Clyde?
    Donald and Ivana?
    Elvis and Priscilla?
    Sony and Cher?
    Donnie and Marie?
    Leia and Luke?


  2. Jay says:

    Congrats Rob. We have some goldfish named Burt and Loni. Burt has a little mustache and he chases Loni, a blond fish, around the tank, nipping at her constantly and generally abusing her, just like the real Burt. Maybe the way the cats interact will suggest some names.

    Hey, what about Big Dick and Fatsy? Maybe not after they get fixed. Hmmm.


  3. graham says:

    Goldielocks & Goliath


  4. Rob says:

    I like Big Dick and Fatsy, though I doubt the rest of the team will go for that.


  5. Steverino says:

    Puss & Boots
    Adam & Eve
    Fred & Ginger
    Zuzu & Clarence the Cat (or some other name from IAWL)
    Treble & Bass
    Bonnie & Clyde
    Butch & Sundance
    Flotsom & Jetsom
    Ketchup & Mustard
    Yin & Yang
    Kenny & Dolly
    Ike & Tina (you know, if they fight a lot)

    I think the IAWL one may be the best one, for a fan such as yourself.


  6. graham says:

    Stalagmite & Stalagtite (Mite and Tite)


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