I hate movie scenes like this…

I was watching a not very good movie last night.  The second Nicolas Cage Treasure Hunter movie, whatever it’s called.

The following would be considered a spoiler, if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

At one point Nic kidnaps the POTUS. Nobody really knows it was Nic who’s kidnapped him.
Another character, a high-ranking FBI guy (played by Harvey Keitel) who is kind of keeping tabs on Nic’s actions, gets a phone call to inform him of this information.  This is how the scene is played:

Harvey, getting out of an FBI vehicle, gets a phone call.

Harvey (answers):  Hello?

There is silence as the other end talks.  We assume he is being told “The President has been kidnapped!”

Harvey:  He was what?

Shorter silence as we assume the other end says “He was kidnapped!”

Without saying another word, Harvey hangs up the phone. He thinks about it for a second, then realizes who is behind it, and says:

Harvey: Nic’s character’s name!!

I really hate scenes like this.  If you were a high-ranking FBI agent and you just got a phone call that said “The President of the United States has just been kidnapped!”, would you hang up before you asked a few “who, when, where” type questions?  You probably would.

But this guy gets the phone call, makes no comment to the guy who phoned him, and hangs up.

I hate movie scenes like this.

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