Dear Hollywood: Ghost Car

Have we got a show for you!!  This is a TV show.  A series.  It’s called Ghost Car.  I know, awesome, eh?!?  

Ghost Car.  

I can’t believe it hasn’t been used yet.  Dave S and I came up with it on one of our semi-regular luncheons.  Yes, from the people that brought you Uncle Penelope Jones and Starr Gaudet bring you Ghost Car!!

Here’s the premise – still a work-in-progress, so lots of room for additions, suggestions, etc. (the premise from my POV as I remember it.  Dave S might have another vision): A 70’s or 80’s style TV procedural – think “Rockford Files meets Streets of San Fransisco meets Miami Vice – and every city in between!”.  Two guys help solve the Crime/Story of the Week.  Private detectives, beloved AND behated by various members of the police department.  One is a Man’s Man – (maybe a former cop?) older, been around the block a few times, stuck in his ways, brusk, bristly, hardened exterior, softy inside (when he lets it slip).  The other is the young hotshot.  Sarcastic, headstrong, full of himself, sophmoric.  These two guys butt heads as often as not, but it’s obvious they have a respect and fondness for each other.

Thing is:  They Are DEAD!  Yep.  Ghosts.  Both died in a tragic automobile accident while they were about to solve The Big Crime Back In The Day.  (Backstory, told in flashback in pilot and/or opening credits)  

Only thing is, when they died, they had unfinished business to take care of, so now they are forced to remain on Earth as ghosts – Spectral Dicks, if you will, until the unfinished business gets resolved.  Unfinished business deals with the local crime syndicate – the same people that caused them to die – and can be spread out over the course of the series, as an ongoing storyline, along with the weekly one-off stories.  (Spectral Dicks can be the name of the show if it gets picked up by a cable company like FX or something)

Each episode, they tool around the city in their ghost car (literally, a ghost car), a sweet American muscle-machine ride, and discover untoward events happening in nefarious locales.  They forward this information, through ghostly means, to an up-and-coming police officer. (Maybe her aunt is a crazy psychic?)  Did we mention, the police officer is a SHE, and she is sexy-tough-sweet.  She’s the only one who can see them, I don’t know…??? We can figure that stuff out later, Hollywood.  Anyway, each episode, SHE solves the case with the help/interference of Ghost Car.  Yes, interference as much as help.  See, it’s not easy to navigate this plane when you’re ghosts, so their attempts to help can get pretty “out there” and oftentimes as not, backfire on them.

What’s important is this:  We have a seriously awesome name for a TV show.  We’ve got a hot young female lead.  We’ve got a hot young actor in another lead.  We’ve got a respected older actor in a third lead role.  And we’ve got the hilarious young ethnic comic in a secondary role (forgot to mention this, because it just came to me, but SHE is not the only one who sees the Spectral Dicks – they’re also seen by the homeless guy who says funny stuff and nobody ever believes him when he says he sees the ghost cops.  He, therefore, refers to them as The Snuffleupafuzz).  We’ve got some seriously cool wheels for them to drive around in and perform wicked stunts.

You can set it in the 70’s if you want, 80’s, today, I don’t care.

Ghost Car – it’s a Guaranteed Hit!!

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