After watching TV last night,

After watching TV last night, I’ve come up with the following theory: In, say, 150 years, everybody will be gay. You can count on it.

CBS’s The Amazing Race was won last night by a married gay couple, Reichen and Chip, who were given quite a bit of on-air celebration time to talk about their ‘gayness’. I was surprised by the frankness and simplicity of what they were saying, and was thinking ‘this is something that wouldn’t even have come close to getting on air even a coupla years ago’.

NBC, later that night, had Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. A “reality” show about 5 gay guys trying to clean up and instruct a straight guy on the finer things in life. The guys were gay. Really gay. And the best thing is the show didn’t seem to labour over it. The amazing thing is that this was on NBC. Again, a coupla years ago this would have only shown up on some cable network.

Mark my words: In a hundred and fifty years, we’ll all be gay.