In The Criminal Justice System…

Last week, it was reported that over half of the prime-time programming for all the major networks that week consisted of Law&Order and CSI episodes in their various incarnations. Let me repeat that: Over half of the prime-time programming consisted of Law & Order and CSI episodes. That’s a lot of eggs in them there baskets. And that’s not even counting syndication on other channels.

And yet, that wasn’t too much Law & Order for me.
I’ve been a fan of Law & Order since I discovered it way back in its second year. In fact, it has consistently been one of my favourite shows ever since I first saw it. My favourite of the L&O series is the original “two separate yet equally important groups” version, but I do find the SVU spin-off to be a close second. I’m not a fan of the other spin-off, ‘Criminal Intent’, basically because of the ‘brilliance’ of the character played by, I believe, Vincent D’Onofrio.

I don’t have anything against CSI. From the few times I watched it, it seems to be a good show. It’s simply that I haven’t allowed myself to become a fan of it.
I guess it’s a testament to the popularity of these series that network executives will run them so often through a week. But, come on. Over half. That’s a little pathetic.


  1. Frankie says:

    “In the Criminal Justice system, the people are divided into two separate but equally important groups. Those who investigate crime, and those who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories”
    That was my screensaver at work for two years 🙂
    I haven’t watched that show in ages.


  2. Rob MacD says:

    “…the people are ‘represented’…The police, who…and the district attorneys, who…”


  3. Frankie says:

    Yes you’re right. I knew it didn’t sound right….when I was typing it.


  4. Grainne Hayes says:

    Please send a poster of Law and Order SVU. Thanks


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