Rolling The Dice

Here are my picks for the first round of the NHL playoffs:

Eastern Conference First Round

#1 Tampa Bay
#8 NY Islanders —> Even though some slag them for being atop the worst division in the East, and therefore not really deserving of the top spot overall, Tampa Bay will have little trouble with NYI, who deserve their #8 spot. Tampa Bay in 5

#2 Boston
#7 Montreal —> This is going to be a close series. Both teams have the same number of regular season wins, Boston has a bunch more ties. I don’t know if that’s relevant. The Bruins will go physical, and the Habs will try to play a speed game, forgoing their usual defensive strategy. Since, being a Habs fan, it’s impossible for me to type “Boston” more than 3 times in a post, I’ve got to say: Montreal in 7 Really, though: Boston in 6

#3 Philadelphia
#6 New Jersey —> Philadelphia’s goaltending will let them down (again). New Jersey’s goaltending will propel them forwards (again). That’s all that needs to be said about this series. New Jersey in 6

#4 Toronto
#5 Ottawa —> Another hell of a series. The question is: Can Ottawa overcome their playoff woes? I say yes. Some will say Toronto’s age won’t affect them until at least the second round. I say it shows up mid-way through this round, and goaltending won’t be enough to keep them victorious. Ottawa in 6

Western Conference First Round

#1 Detroit
#8 Nashville —> The easy thing to do is to say Detroit, easily. The brave thing is to go with Nashville. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m easy. Not brave. This is simple: Detroit in 5

#2 San Jose
#7 St Louis —> St. Louis fought long and hard to get into the playoffs. Now that they’re in, there will be an inevitable momentary sigh of relief. The Sharks will pounce on that, and won’t let up. San Jose in 5

#3 Vancouver
#6 Calgary —> This could be a tough series too. I think Vancouver has sufficiently removed themselves from the Bertuzzi thing and are playing good hockey again. Calgary will give them a run for their money, but the Canucks will prevail. Vancouver in 6

#4 Colorado
#5 Dallas —> You know, of all the series, this is the one I could care less about. I don’t like either team, and since both can’t lose, I’ll say Colorado goes through, only because I dislike Dallas more. Colorado in 6

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