Ditasia Burguarmo

When Ryan Seacrest brought out Paul Anka, I thought “Paul Anka? This is the exact reason why I should never watch this show ever again. Why the hell would they bring out Paul Anka? How many people watching even know who Paul Anka is?” (yes, 4 seconds of thought which contained the phrase “Paul Anka” three times). I was ready to fume at the absurdity of the whole show. Then, he sang his barely witty version of My Way, and the cuteness of the moment won out over my anger. Damn my softening positions!

Again, 3 songs each confirm my position: Being a singer isn’t just about singing. It’s about performing. Diana can sing sometimes, but mostly she screams. She cannot perform. Fantasia is always performing.

I am reluctant to give much credence to conspiracy theorists.
Whether her ear-piece monitor had a wardrobe malfunction or not, Diana does not deserve to win American Idol. In fact, she does not belong in the top 3.

If she does win, then God help us all. Well, okay, it wouldn’t be that dire. In fact, who cares?

Still, it would be discouraging if The Idiotic Masses of America give the nod to Bush over Gore. I mean, Diana over Fantasia.

In the end, when all is said and sung, I doubt I’ll ever buy a cd from either of these ladies.

Two hour finale? What the? Damn their infernal milking!!

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  1. frankie says:

    I think there’s something cheesy about ex-famous musicians appearing on American Idol. It’s just — cheesy. I’m embarrassed for most of them really.

    Agree about Diana. Glad Fantasia won. Won’t buy her record either. Next AI in January. Can’t wait.


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