The Soda Of Ignorant Deadbeats

So, here’s the latest television ad that is bugging me.

Guy’s watching a ball-game on TB, baby crying off camera. He looks off, says “I’ll be right there”, slurps from the can of advertisement, eagerly resumes watching the game. Baby still crying. He looks off, says “Just a sec, honey”, slurps and watches. Baby still crying. He looks off.
Suddenly his sense of duty kicks in and he goes to the crying baby. Turns out the baby is crying because it was just born, as we see the mother, doctors and nurses all huddled around the hospital bed. The mother (his wife we assume) smiles an understanding smile, as if to say, ‘yep, that’s the knucklehead I married!’. The final shot is of dad and swaddled baby, with dad telling baby a nuance of baseball.

Ha ha, so the guy was, like, watching the ball-game and drink product instead of participating in his child’s birth. Ha ha, that’s so 1982.

It doesn’t work for me. Not in the least.


  1. Jeff says:

    (old guy in cardigan leans back in rocking chair, lights pipe, chair creaks gently as he rocks)- “…what are ya, soft, boy? Why I remember being at the strip club while my first 3 were bein’ born. Drunk, ya. Hell, I never met the youngest girl there, whats her name, til she was 9.
    Hospital ain’t no place for a fella. Nosirrrreee. I stay away from that woman business…”

    your granpa

    Sorry couldn’t resist…


  2. graham says:

    Whaaaa? maybe I be stupid, but I still be smart like to understand what you say is nothing done with the other comment… no?


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