A Slinky, A Slinky…

Merry Christmas Everybody!!  Smiles!!!!

I believe it was 1971.  Maybe ’72.  December 25.  Christmas Day at the MacDonald Home.  What’s the reason for the happy faces?
Well, a certain yellow-pajama’d someone was fortunate enough to receive an original, metal Slinky for Christmas (not to mention the Spirograph in the bottom left corner of the photo), and that same certain someone absolutley refused to let any of his 4 brothers even touch it.
Truth be told, they were all a bit too old for such a childish toy as a Slinky.  Don’t you think?  Wasn’t that little yellow-pajama’d boy perfectly within his rights to hissy-fit at the very notion of someone else playing with his Slinky?  And aren’t those other 4 men a bit to old to be sulky and petulant?
From left to right:  Boots, Rob, Dids, Fritz and Earle.
I think Earle’s sour look to me is the only clue that indicates I might be the cause of the morosity and grief.  Otherwise, this could easily be the photo taken just after we all found out our grandmother died.

8 thoughts on “A Slinky, A Slinky…

  1. i don’t know if you’ve ever seen roman polanski’s excellent flick “repulsion”, but this photo is reminicent of the photo that ends that movie…


  2. I, too, jealousy guarded my Slinky from older siblings, because they just wouldn’t play with it right. They’d get it all tangled up in itself, then try to straighten out the mess by force and end up kinking the Slinky (which sounds like something you’d pay extra for). Then it wouldn’t work, and I’d have to go play with my Johnny Seven, which was fine, but damn, I loved my Slinky. But then, everyone loves a Slinky …


  3. Not sure if I skated against or ran the hitandrun against anybody in that pic. Might have. Parkdale was the Evil Empire in Sherwood eyes during that era. Ice sports, music festivals, even football, baseball and hockey games sans adult supervision. I remember a guy named “Frenchie” with a rifle for an arm pitching for Parkdale. I think Lyle Shepard caught for him. I hit a hard double against Frenchie, thought it was great…then he picked me off second. He did have a gun of an arm. Those days, people had nicknames.


  4. Lyle Shepard lived about 3 houses up the street from me. I didn’t know Lyle very well, but my brother got around quite a bit with Lyle’s brother Leonard, and I with brother Lyndsay. I knew no Frenchie.
    Funny, we in Parkdale didn’t feel one bit Evil. And in fact, were more apt to apply that label to the residents of Sherwood. Because we all knew that Sherwood smells.


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