Take Your Carrefour A Longer Drive

It’s now a bit of a puzzle to get to the road on which the Carrefour school is situated.  One must now either enter the Escher puzzle that is the Hillsborough development, or turn onto the QEH road and travel it around the shoreline past the hospital, the seniors home and the mental hospital. 
It is much more inconvenient (than turning onto the road [Pioneer Drive] which no longer offers access to the bypass), initially, but may turn out to be fine once we get used to it.  Last night was my first foray onto that road.  We took the west-bound-only off-ramp from the arterial highway (the only remaining access to or from that road at that intersection), onto Pioneer Drive, and as we were off-ramping, we were met by a car illegally travelling the wrong way up that access.  I expect that will become a handy illegal shortcut to the arterial highway unless the police make a concerted effort to stop it.

I wonder if what they’ve ended up with is the best solution.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to increase the volume of traffic flow in and around the hospitals, but that’s the result.  Anything that increases the perception that the Carrefour theatre is more difficult to get to is not a good thing for those of us in the theatre community who are sometimes faced with the quandry of whether the Carrefour can ever be a viable theatre alternative.

One thought on “Take Your Carrefour A Longer Drive

  1. It’s a shame, too, because it’s a lovely size for a theatre – 250-odd seats, and nice and intimate (as much as a school theatre can be). For a long time, the Carrefour Theatre has battled the perception as a “poison house” … one of those places that just won’t get the crowds. A few good shows went a long way to clearing that up … and now they’re going to make it harder to get in. Great.


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