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Last night, I was faced with the dilemna of 3 programs on television at the same time:  the World Junior Hockey Championship (9p – 12), the American Collegiate Football championship game (9p – 1), and The Amazing Race (10p – 11).
My plan of attack was this:  From 9 to 10, I’d watch primarily the hockey game, flipping occasionally to the football game.  From 10 to 11, it’d be TAR with commercial-break flipping to both hockey and football.  From 11 onward, I’d focus between hockey and football, whichever seemed to be the most exciting at any given moment.

Well,  the hockey game was basically over before 10 o’clock.  Even with 2 periods left, it was obvious the Canadians were going to win.  I’ve never witnessed such dominance of one team over all the others in a tournament.  Too bad such a talented team makes for boring hockey.
The Amazing Race is a little frustrating this year.  I’ve never seen such a collection of teams who don’t seem to like each other.  Seriously, apart from Kris and Jon (who seem like a genuinely nice couple), there is no other remaining team (now that the father/daugther team got the boot) worth rooting for.  None of them seem capable of offering positive support, and when they do, it’s only momentarily and self-serving.  And whether or not Johnathan is putting on some of his The Most Obnoxious Asshole Ever character, he is stil the most reprehensible person I’ve ever had the displeasure to view.  I’m fearful that The Amazing Race is losing some of the appeal that had made it the best ‘reality’ show on television.  It’s still the best by far, but it is slipping a bit.
My commercial-break flipping focused more on the football game, and at first it looked like it’d be a great matchup.  OU scored first, SoCal came back and scored right back.  "This is gonna be good", I thought, flipping back to TAR.  Next time I check in it’s 21-7 for USC and they’re about to go up even more, this even before the half.
So, two games I’ve been looking forward to for a while turned out to be no-contest affairs.  Too bad.
The half-time of the football game was noticable only because it featured singers singing live, one of them the infamous Ashlee Simpson.  Yes, the sound was hit and miss, but I so much prefer watching a performance where the artist is actually performing.  Ashlee doesn’t have a great voice and she wasn’t able to carry the bigness of the venue, but I’d rather hear her sing and miss than to watch her sing along as we hear mostly a pre-recorded vocal track.

One thought on “Sports, Sports, Race

  1. I miss the old days, man. When your blog was tackling such issues as americans, scams, freedom of speech, animal husbandry.
    I remember when this blog was essentially my news source. Now people aren’t commenting. We need more then TV reviews, good and observant as they are. HAA! I need chaos, blood, controversy. My attention span needs constant stimulation.
    Alas, this blog may indeed be aptly named “monster”, for it is a monster of your creation, and just like frankenstein’s monster, this monster is much more intelligent then everyone thought. But what now, that the monster is out of control; Now that the monster has grown beyond his initial programming; AARRGG! Must… do…things… more… monster… blarghh… can’t hold… cold… so cold.


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