Heil Harry??

Prince Harry wears a Nazi outfit to a costume party and is up shit creek for it.

Somewhere, presumably in a post-death holding tank, Bob Crane and Werner Klemperer are high-fiving each other, thankful for the attrocities they got away with.

I wonder, will there ever be a time when wearing a Nazi outfit to a costume party is not seen as an evil act, or morally reprehensible?  The world is so serious.


  1. graham says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that he knew it would be a recognized stunt. That it would be a stab towards the royal family. My guess is that there are a bunch of spiteful things going on in the background of that family. He’s probably just getting back at gramma for something. If I were a holocaust survivor I wouldn’t take this seriously, I think. I’m not one so my opinion on the subject is shit, but I imagine it wasn’t directed towards the millions of victims. More towards the sensitive undertone of modern society.


  2. dylan says:

    hmmm let’s see Harry is blonde, blue eyed and of germanic descent. I don’t think we should take this lightly. Clearly this is the beginning of the fourth reich and once Harry takes over the rulership of Britain the world will tremble.


  3. Alan says:

    My understanding of young royals comes courtesy of a couple of pals who moved in their circles briefly through schools. Each said the examples of the next older generation they had met were as stunned as any person they had ever met. I suspect this is the case with this guy, that he didn’t really give a rats ass and didn’t know what crap he would get for his idea of a really funny joke. Likely as not he is just a 19 year old guy which is about as good a place in life for making an arsehole of yourself. Not much chance this was post-modern ironic observation.


  4. Rob says:

    I am in no way upset by his action, but I am dismayed at the reactions I’ve read. To label him as ‘evil’ seems a bit of a stretch.
    I am always intrigued by the power of simple actions, gestures and words, and a part of me always demands me to fight against the restriction of them. I am always befuddled and saddened by the reactions of those who demand we abide those restrictions.


  5. Alan says:

    Not evil – just stunned as me arse.


  6. Courtney says:

    I think the entire media overeacted. I mean he’s 20 year old kid, just trying to grow up in an already difficult world, and the media has to go splash every “flaw” they can come up with (real or not), about him or his family all over the bloody newspaper. It was costume party at which they all dressed up as something they disliked as a sort of mock to society. One person apparently dressed up as Bin Laden. Leave the kid alone he was just trying to have a good time with his mates.


  7. I am with you Courtney
    he is 19

    I shudder to think of all the stupid things I did then. Plus we are all so serious now – Would John Cleese doing his Hitler act be the end of the world now?


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