The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool

Think you know the movies of 2004?  Think you can guess better than anyone else?  Want to be able to brag that you won The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool?

Then enter the contest.  Just click on this link, fill in your picks, enter your name, click the submit button and that’s it.

The winner will likely win something.  Probably a mix CD of Annekenstein Monster approved tunes.  Perhaps a couple of Original Annekenstein postcards.  Perhaps even a Collector’s Edition Annekenstein T-Shirt.  If I can find them.  Please note:  "probably" and "perhaps" subject to the vagueness they imply and the whim of The Annekenstein Monster remains in full effect.  In other words, the awarding of a prize is not guaranteed.  But probably will happen.

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