The Amazing Race Finally

Well, this season of The Amazing Race winds down on Tuesday, and I must say that I’ve been disappointed in this season’s production:  too many hard-to-distinguish actor/model couples; too many couples who too-easily snap and bitch at each other for silly things; not enough couples to actively cheer for;  too many to actively cheer against;  and a couple so awful that it was no fun to hate them, they were that terrible.  I was also disappointed that the show seemed to turn towards more "Fear Factor" type challenges this time around.  The challenges this season were definitely not the cream of the crop.  And, too much bunching up of teams within episodes.  Too many chance for teams that made mistakes to catch up to the rest, due to everyone having to wait for something to open the next day.
With four teams and one two-hour finale left, here’s what I hope happens:
-I hope Kris and Jon win.  They have been pretty inconspicuous throughout the run, but have time and again, performed well and have continued to be classy and positive and upbeat. 
-I hope that Adam and Rebecca are the next team to fall to the wayside.  I don’t know, honestly, how they are still in the game.  I am so very tired of Adam threatening to quit at every turn.  Before he leaves the show, I hope it is revealed to him that he is gay.  It is important for him to come to terms with that.
-Of the other two remaining teams, Aaron and Hayden and Freddy and Kendra, I would prefer F&K to succeed over the other.  For the longest time, the participants in both couples were interchangable to me, and only in the last two episodes was I able to begin to distinguish between them.  Mostly because I thought Kendra started showing a bit more spunk, making her team the more memorable of the two "actor/model" type teams.  I hope that Hayden gets at least one more chance to bemoan her situation of being immersed in the poverty and lifestyle of another culture.

Go Kris and Jon.

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  1. I know! I agree with all of your hopes. In fact, when Hayden opens her mouth, my house as a collective moan. And generally curse about what an idiot she is. Oh reality TV. Amazing Race is a great show. Almost as great as American Idol. We are off to Hollywood tonight!


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