The Annekenstein Monster Fake Pledge Drive

Once again, friends, it’s time for the First Ever The Annekenstein Monster Annual Fake Pledge Drive.

To ensure that TAM continues to offer you the best postings possible, we ask you to look deep into your fake hearts, and to dig deep into your fake pocket books and send some fake money our way.  Every little fake bit helps the TAM team of writer search the brain, the internet and beyond for stories, inanity and musings that are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, but almost always irrelevent to your own personal lives.

Compubots are standing by, right now, in the Comments section of this post, awaiting your fake donations.  Simply leave a comment indicating how much fake money you are willing to fake donate to keep The Annekenstein Monster in the running as the Number One Website On The Internet*.

Thank you, in advance, for fake supporting The Annekenstein Monster

*website not actually in the running as the number one website on the internet.


  1. Well I’d like to make a pledge of $50 in the name of Lightning Bolt Comics and challenge everyone else in the retail industry to match my donation.


  2. Thanks, Dylan. However, if I might… challenge everyone in the retail industry to match OR BEAT the Lightning Bolt Comics generous fake donation.
    Oh yeah, that game is so ON.


  3. Damn. As usual a respectable organization like The Annekenstein Monster holds a fake pledge drive and a bunch of idiots start using to post ridiculous pledges and waste our time. Graham is a professional actor their is absolutely no way he has a heap of $100 dollar bills 500 cubits high. Clearly this is just another one of his ill-conceived publicity stunts in an effort to be cast in Police Academy 18 Revenge of the Children of the Citizens that Once Patrolled the City.

    Hopefully this fake pledge drive will get back to the serious business of continued programming like Lustful Fingers:The Chicken Finger Story.

    Oh yeah and I’ll increase my pledge from $50 to $345654654647645614646469846463214864698464.oo


  4. I’d like to add to my pledge:

    A quart Rum, A pile of counterfeit money and some kiddy porn which I found behind the Charlottetown Police Department.

    I’ve never felt so safe!


  5. I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health for better living. For my club, my community and my country.


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