Arrested D’oh!velopment

I always thought it’d be an interesting experiment to take an actual episode of The Simpsons and try to reproduce it as best as possible, shot for shot, camera angle for camera angle but with live action actors.

A while ago, when I was watching Arrested Development, I was trying to figure out what it is about it that appeals to me so.  Smart writing, yes, good acting, yes, these are givens, but one thought I struck upon that I hadn’t before is that Arrested Development, more than any other live action show, comes closest to capturing that frenetic, what’s-gonna-come-next, where will this week’s plot eventually take us pace of The Simpsons.  Lots of really short scenes is the norm for both shows, there are all kinds of little jokes that zoom past you without you even realising it half the time, along with the big jokes, the plot can start off down one path and end up, 22 minutes later, somewhere totally unexpected.

So, there.  Has anyone else thought of that?  I should write a book, I’m so smrt. Smart.

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  1. Kratz says:

    Shave your legs!!!!! if not that, at least bring in the online modern version of PEI.

    IAW ‘ol County style, Get that data into you, it’s good for ya….git her down.

    (disaster happens)

    Git it up, get it out, it’s good for ya.

    (*sigh* you know it’s bad when the drinks [beveridges] are feed’in ya the straight lines) LOL


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