Boring Exercise Update #2

I’m going to be keeping a small diary of my running exploits, so please feel free to ignore these posts.

Today was my second run.  The difficulty of the first run was 100 (the maximum on my scientific scale, on the probably flawed theory that subsequent runs get a bit easier).  It was a real trial to get through and I barely did.  Sounds simple, probably:  8 repetitions of 60 seconds or running followed by 90 seconds of walking.  But for a schlub like me, carrying around the extra pounds I do, it was a task, I tell ya.  The worst part was the two hours afterwards, what with the aches and the pains and the high-den-froid-en, nice laaaa-ddy!
Today’s run was again 8 repetitions of 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking.  It seemed a bit easier to get through to the end of the 8 reps, and the afterwards pain is substantially less (see, I’m an ace at exercise!!), although I did find it kind of difficult to walk after my final run.  Not because of shortness of breath, or anything, but because of sore shins.
The big problem, one I hope goes away eventually, is the pain all up and down my left arm… no.  Is really sore shins.  Does anyone know if that will remedy itself after a few more attempts?  I hope so.
Anyway, exercise attempt number 2 rates a 90 on my worthless scale.  That’s a whole 10 point difference (those 10 points coming off because this time I had no doubt I’d finish the 8 reps).
Yay Me!!


  1. Cyn says:

    Yes, yay you!

    Rob, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. You will be sore for a while, but you’ll get used to it and then you will start noticing things like how much easier it is going up those god damn stairs at work how many times a day, and how you won’t mind parking farther away from the front door of Future Shop.

    Keep it up Rob!


  2. graham says:

    Be careful with the shin-pains, pal. You got good shoes, right?


  3. Rob says:

    Yeah, I got good shoes, I guess. The shin pains have gone away today, and the only adverse affect is a bit of tightness in my calfs, but only sporadic.


  4. Jeff says:

    Gooood for you!!
    Welcome to the cult of exercise. The key is to get past the first 4 weeks or so. Once you develop a base level of fitness, this will become quite enjoyable (you’ll have to trust me). After the break-in period, and you run & don’t struggle with breathing, and your legs stop feeling like lead, you reach a place where you can be alone with your thoughts. In a good way. The pinnacle of this is when the thoughts come & go freely, and you are “able to solve the worlds problems”. I don’t know if this is the runners high you hear of or not, but it’s how I rank a good run.
    Seems like it’s human nature to want to do to much too soon, so check your macho ego. Baby steps. It’s like learning to play guitar. There is no replacement for simply putting the time in, little by little you get better & better.
    Check those shoes. If you haven’t been properly fitted, including your particular foot characteristics, then you should. You’ll find that color is not the priority it once was! I highly recommend The Running Room (I think Moncton is the closest one)for their expertise in this. Don’t forget socks. I never thought i would notice the difference in the socks i wear. Those expensive running socks REALLY are better than your old tube socks.
    Have a good run.


  5. Wayne says:

    There are plenty of good places to get fitted for proper running shoes and gear right on PEI. Hashems Variety(when he is in a good mood) and Sporting Intentions are just 2. Proper shoes are important, and the pain will pass. Frequent breaks are a good idea. So are goals, like running non-stop from point A to B.


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