Ninja’s Surprise

Okay, after overwhelming demand.. actually it was just one request, and it was kind of pathetic at that… I’m going to put up our latest little MacDonald Family Pictures cinematic endeavour, Ninja’s Surprise.

According to Typepad, I am currently projected to use 76% of my allotted bandwidth this month.  This 17MB file will likely put me over my limit if anybody actually bothers to download it.  Therefore it will likely be taken down after only a couple of days.  If you don’t get it soon, it will be gone forever.  Kinda like Disney video releases.

Some DVD commentary for your enjoyment:  I find that if I watch this .wmv file with Windows Media Player, the image is kind of jumpy and rough.  When I watch it through PowerDVD, however, it plays like a charm (with video quality like you’d expect through a not-quite low-end digital camera).  Your player may work better.
The scene where the ninja is running towards the traveller, that was supposed to be a ripoff of Monty Python’s Holy Grail, the scene where the knight storms the castle, but never seems to be getting closer, until ALL OF A SUDDEN, he’s there!  Our version doesn’t quite work as well, but it was a nice homage nonetheless.
The close-up shot of the traveller running, where we see just his head:  You’ll notice the trees in the background aren’t moving (as they should be if he was running).  That’s because he’s running on the spot, to give the *appearance* of him running and the camera staying with him.  It works okay, I think.  Also, in that scene the actor looks like he is laughing.  That’s because he is, and he’s laughing because the shot you see was actually a rehearsal.  See, the stupid director/cameraman inadvertently mis-pressed the record button.  This caused me to think, for about 3 or 4 shots,  the camera was recording when in fact it wasn’t (actually it was recording when I thought it wasn’t).  We lost a couple of excellent chase-scene shots because of that.  That’s also why we had to re-use two or three times the only worthwhile chase-shot we had.
During the swordfight, we also shot an excellent Matrix-type special effect, but there just wasn’t enough time within the music to fit that shot in.  You gotta trust me, though, that it was the best sfx shot you’d have ever seen.

You can download Ninja’s Surprise here.

No you can’t.  I went over my bandwidth limit for the month, so I took it down


  1. Rob says:

    Our next pic, already heavily in pre-pro is entitled “Go Fish” and it’s gonna be a talkie! It’s the story of two gamblers who have to learn how not to trust each other or else end up dead.


  2. maryanne says:

    Hey, great work. Definately great sound editing!


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