Rosie O’Donnell Plays Retarded

I know it’s a politically incorrect term, but when you watch this, I think you’ll agree that it’s somehow apropos.

I had read where Rosie was doing this movie, but I didn’t watch it.  I know that seeing these bits of video out of context isn’t fair, but holy shit.


  1. graham says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t wanna offend the challanged folk, by lumping her retarded performance in with their disability. She acted like a school child who is acting like a mongoloid. It seems no matter how ‘funny’ a voice she puts on, she is still has that rosie wit, we’ve all unwillingly come to know, somehow, through the cracks of a crumbling media.
    If I were retarded I’d use all my might and find her.


  2. maryanne says:

    Was she playing an obnoxious deaf person from Queens?


  3. lennie says:

    i respect her performance. not many people have dared to play an unlikable mentally challenged person. she’s the villain in this movie, right?


  4. graham says:

    Nice. (LQIMH)


  5. Sidney says:

    I used to have a tshirt just like the one Rosie is wearing with the kitten on it in University… Only mine had a little puppy with the kitten. I believe I wore it to Myron’s (RIP) on more than one occassion.. Am now rethinking some of my previous fashion choices.


  6. graham says:

    You wore it as a joke though, right?



  7. Sidney says:

    Hmm. A joke. I think I was trying more for irony? Or maybe a joke? I remember seeing the shirt at Zellers when we had stopped in to pick up something or another and it was 7$ or something rediculous and I thought that it would be a rediculous thing to wear to Myron’s so I did it. So now as I re-evaluate, yes Graham a joke.


  8. Rob says:

    Wait, I’m confused. Is the picture of a kitten in university, or do you mean that you, while in university, wore a t-shirt with a picture of a kitten.

    Because, if it was a kitten in university, well, I mean, that’s some smart kitten!
    Unless it won a scholarship or something, or had, like, rich parents.


  9. lennie says:

    ok, whoa. now you’ve got me second guessing myself, rob. i assumed it was just a plain old t-shirt, but that sidney had a live kitten on it at all times, much like a pirate has a bird on his shoulder.

    on a related note to kittens: in my office, i kill fruit flies all the day long. and i usually just squish them with my hands. on average, i wait for 3 or even 4 kills before i wash my hands. is this acceptable? because fruit flies are basically just nothing with little wings, right? i can’t see any remaining bug residue after i flick off the lifeless shell. thanks. lennie


  10. Sidney says:

    I see some clarity is in order. The kitten was a picture on my shirt, but a picture of a really smart kitten who had gone to University and earned a degree when everyone around that it would suffer at the hands of discrimination on account of it was a cat. I found it cute and inspirational. Plus it had a lift up flap where you could see into the brains of all the thoughts the cat was having.
    regarding your fly killing, I think that is totally acceptable. Some people are overzealous about handcleaning, and I would maybe even up it to five kills before washing. Or just wash as you normally would when you go to the washroom. Are fruit flies real germ carriers? I see a little procrastination email research is in order.


  11. Jake says:

    EXCUSE ME, but I have to USE the BATHroom!


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