My, He Had Well-Groomed Stool

I have been watching more and more documentaries and "educational" programs on television lately.  One was "Battlefield Britain" which I quite liked.  Each episode examined a different, specific battle that took place throughout history on Great Britain.  It was hosted by a father and son team.  The father examined the battle itself, strategies and weapons used, mistakes or innovations, etc, all pertaining to the military aspects of the battle.  The son examined the more humanistic aspects of the era in question.  How the battle affected the people who lived in the area, imagined the mental states of common soldiers from both sides of the fight, etc.
It was quite enjoyable.
Anyway, while watching that on The History Channel, I saw ads for an upcoming series called "Worst Jobs In History".  It looked like it’d be about this guy who attempts to tackle some of the worst jobs in history, actually trying to perform the jobs as they would have been done at the time.
Last night I saw an episode that examined a few jobs from the Tudor period of England.  They guy examined and/or  tried a few different jobs, including a Spit Boy (the man who turns the spit near the huge fireplace in the castle kitchen).  The one that followed that was a job entitled "Groom of the Stool".  Apparently, the Groom of the Stool, in the King’s castle, was, in terms of importance and status, second only to the king himself.  His job?  To wipe the ass of the king.


  1. Jay says:

    Groom of the Stool. Could this be the next wave in reality TV shows? If there was such a show (hey, I’m willing to produce it, but only if I get my own personal groom), I’m wondering who would be a good host for it? A guy like Tom Green seems the obvious one, but I’d like to see a more inspired choice. Maybe Alec Baldwin or Bob Barker. And if it catches on like I think it will, I suggest a spin-off in the second season. Bride of the Feces. But that’s just a working title.


  2. graham says:

    I wonder if that’s why they call the guy about to sign himself over to a bride a “groom”.


  3. Sidney says:

    I don’t Graham, but Jason, I would like to be considered for the host position of the Bride of the Feces. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.


  4. Calico Cat says:

    As my french friends would say “he’s turd one down on the totem pole”


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