From A Death, to…well, Death

The fifth and final season of Six Feet Under is finally underway, with episode one airing earlier this week.

I think it’s going to be a harrowing final season.  Without giviing too much away to those who are watching it on DVD and are therefore a season or more behind, it looks like Ruth is going to go through a rough time but I expect she’ll find contentment in the end.
But who knows where the heck Nate is going to end up.  Horrible things just keep on happening to him.
David, actually, has the best prognosis on a happy ending (which could easily mean that he’ll end up the most miserable). 
Claire needs to rebound from the disappointing storyline of last year.  Don’t know if she will with the seedlings of a story that were planted in episode one.

It’s almost all too much to bare.  Can’t wait until next week.

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