Yeah, Wapner’s On!!

I like movies, but I don’t go to a lot of movies (I also don’t go to a lot of anythings).  There are many reasons why I don’t go to more movies, none of them really very good reasons, but I suppose, taken as a whole, they add up to me not going to movies.
One reason I don’t like going to movies (and to theatre, too) is the potential (no matter how small) that it’ll be sold out, or I’ll be late, or some sort of minor inconvenince will occur before hand that will keep me from sitting in a seat in a smart, timely manner.  Yes, I realise I’m rather Rain Man in that regard.
So, last night, almost at the last minute, we (the family) decide to go see Batman Begins.  I check online to see when the movie starts and I see 6:45…  It’s 6:25 as I check, and we’re about a 5 minute drive away.  Good, let’s go.
We get to the theatre and the marquee says Batman Begins  6:30.  It’s 6:30 as we see this.  Stanidng outside in the rain (man) I have a small little breakdown and we (I) decide not to bother.  Yes, there are probably 15 minutes of previews, yes we’d likely get in before the actual movie started and really so what if we missed a few minutes… but… there was a heck of a long lineup for tickets (yes I could have used the robot-tellers in the foyer but there were lines for them too), we had to get some munchies because we were forgoing supper because of this last-minute decision to go and the lineups for food were likely long too.
So we didn’t go to the movie.  I am turning into an autistic.  But where is my savantism?

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