The People That You Meet

I am worried for a) the internets, and b) the state of journalism in today’s universe.

Because someone thought me worthy enough to be interviewed for a People magazine piece on the TV show "The Office".  Worthy, based on a couple of posts I made regarding The Office on this here blog here.  Yes, I was interviewed via telephone yesterday by a writer for People magazine (at least, he claimed he was a writer for People magazine).  He wanted my opinions on the NBC version of The Office being nominated for The Emmys.  I answered his questions.
I had mixed emotions about the whole affair.  It was nice, I guess, to be singled out from the pack and asked my opinion.  But, really, why should my opinion matter?
Seriously, if this is the state of journalism (even if it’s "entertainment" journalism), where a hack like me potentially (I honestly doubt I’ll get mentioned in the article) becomes a source in such a piece, and the things I say thereby achieve some level of legitimacy because they’re in this magazine (even if it is just People), then I wonder about the legitimacy of sources in every piece of journalism I see or read in the future.

In the grand scheme of things, I am a Nobody With A Blog (and I am not being self-deprecating, just honest).  Since when have we started caring what Nobodies have to say?   I realise that blogs have become a popular buzz-phenom in the mainstream media, and I know that the media has begun to masturbate itself all over the fad, but when I am the chicken that the media begins to choke, then I think it’s gone quite a bit too far.
I should not be interviewed for a People magazine piece on The Office.  I just shouldn’t.
Should I?

I think somebody, somewhere, made a big mistake.


  1. Davey says:

    If Harry Knowles can be an authority on movies, than you can be an authority on “The Office.” Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be making appearances on “Entertainment Tonight” or producing your own TV shows. (Go here for further background on Mr. Knowles.)

    I’d go so far as to say that I’d take your opinion on “The Office” over Harry’s, anyday. Enjoy your time as media pundit!


  2. Cyn says:

    Sorry Rob, but I think you ARE being self-deprecating. Why shouldn’t your point of view be regarded as worth something? What is the difference btrween you and say somebody who knows somebody who knows Brad Pitt?

    So you got fingered by the big snots, who the fuck cares, right? You may not, but someone obviously does.

    You are asking if you should be interviewed by People magazine…my answer is yes. As sick as many are about this fad called bogs, I’m also sick of hearing how blogs are just a fad. Who cares what they are. They are what they are, as expression, that’s all.

    OMG, People magazine is going be so sold out on PEI!!


  3. Jeff says:

    I am most impressed by what this says about the power of the blog. Their are many going around patting themselves on the back because they blog (I blog therefore, what I say is important.) But this is proof that a somebody in the middle of nowhere with a blog – note the difference – can be heard.
    If you had the inclination, and presumably, insight to post. You’re as qualified to opine as any. Aren’t you?
    With all due respect however, we were always told to believe half (or less?) of what we read. Now we know why. An opinion is just an opinion. Yours is probably as informed as…..well, a sun tanned L.A. former weather girl. Or how about a mid-western redneck.
    Maybe your own People column is in order!
    I wonder if they’ll let you use ‘Annekenstein Monster’ as a title?? Definitely keep the picture.


  4. graham says:

    here’s a lot of blogs out there, ROB. I’m sure a good number are on the office. Although off Island you are at this point a nobody, your blog was picked because you are confident, intelligent and humerous, yet accurate in your opinions.

    I’ve met not many but a couple celebs or intellectuals and some important people. They are all just people. Just people. Like you. You are not more special then others, sure, but you’re still special.

    BTW it was a joke. It was me on the phone, sucka.


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