And It’s Goodnight From Him

When I was growing up, The Two Ronnies was a show (imported from the BBC to the CBC) I enjoyed.  I cannot remember any specific comedy from any of the episodes I saw, but I remember the show to be smart comedy.  Writerly comedy.  I appreciated that. 

The only thing I remember, really, is the sign off: 

Ronnie Corbett: "It’s good night from me…"

Ronnie Barker: "…and it’s good night from him."

Yesterday, Ronnie Barker passed away.  And I bet ten pounds I’m the only one in the world who will have thought to use that headline.


  1. Jason A says:

    Hi Rob:
    I was no doubt too young to get most of the jokes in the Two Ronnies, but I did enjoy watching Barker and Corbett. It’s a shame.

    Oh and a quick search on Google shows me you owe me 10 pounds. The Australian used that original header as well.


  2. the5uperu5er says:

    The bispec comedic cockney weirdness that shaped my inner child has fallen, wilted like a blossom from the tree of kneejerk guffaws. I am tearful.


  3. Ghost says:



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