1. davem says:

    i don’t think it’s her comedy that you’d like to do.


  2. Graham says:

    I want her tell me jokes during sex. We could banter back and forth, then climax during a laughing fit.

    I think having sex is funny (objectively)


  3. lennie says:

    yeah, she’s a favourite of mine too. she was one of the few highlights in the otherwise boring documentary “the aristocrats”


  4. Graham says:

    Yeah. Her, Sagat, the card trick guy and Nealon were my favourites. Gilbert Gottfried was also memorable. I found the presentation choppy, though the content fun.


  5. lennie says:

    oh yeah, the card guy. that was impressive. and gilbert gottfried was obviously, and deservedly, the inspiration for the movie. oh, and the guy with the baby who wasn’t andy richter was funny, although andy was pretty funny, too. bob sagat was the weakest and most predictable – you can be obscene, but if you’re not funny, especially if you laugh at your own unfunny obsceneness, it won’t work. i thought there was enough material for a great documentary about half the final length. though i’m very glad i saw it. i love the idea of that joke.


  6. lennie says:

    well, i exaggerated. sagat wasn’t nearly the weakest by any means… i just don’t like him. richard jeni was the worst.


  7. Graham says:

    Agreed. Doug Stanhope was the other baby guy. His stand up is superbly vulgar.


  8. Ken Williams says:

    Listen to Sarah on Fresh Air.
    She is funny, and cute as a button to boot.
    Cut and paste the following URL to listen:



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