Fun To Be A Habs Fan

Has it been 12 years since the Canadiens have won a Stanley Cup?  My goodness, I’m starting to know what it’s like to be a Maple Leafs fan.  This could be the year that Montreal surprises everyone and wins it all!  Not so for the Leafs, I don’t think.  Their team is, right now, as good as it’s going to get this year, and that’s not good enough.
Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with the new NHL.  The rules, and enforcing those rules, seems to be making a difference.  It’s a much more offensively oriented game now, it seems, and that’s always fun to watch.  Especially after a decade of The Trap.
Has there been a more exciting team to follow than the Canadiens?  Every game, it seems, comes down to the wire, with the Habs pulling out another tough win after another.  Last night they lost to the Penguins in a shootout, but I can’t be too upset when Crosby is the guy who scored the winning goal.  The difference I notice between the Canadiens and the teams they play against is the hustle.  Game after game, shift after shift, play after play, the Montreal players seem to be simply beating the opponents to the puck.  They have a very fast, agressive style that seems to work in this new NHL.

I’ll say it now, Dewey-like:

Habs Win Cup in ’06

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  1. señior psychosis says:

    Vive les Habitants!!


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