What’s This Podcast Thing, Then?

So, I was looking around the settings on this here ole Typepad site and discovered a setting to display one’s podcasts rss feed link.  Hmm-ing about that a bit, I decided I’d set it up, even though I don’t have any podcasts, and only a slight interest in creating one.  Actually, I have a middling interest in creating podcasts but I don’t have sufficient storage space online, nor do I have enough bandwidth (assuming anyone would download them anyway) to handle anything of any significance.  If anyone wants to donate (sponsor?) the space and bandwidth to me, I could probably come up with a fun sporadic podcast type thingy.
Still, I’m curious to see how the Typepad podcasting system works, so I’m uploading a song I wrote a long time ago and pretending it’s a podcast.  So, here’s the experiment!

Download without_you.mp3

By the way, speaking of podcasts, the only one I subscribe to is The Ricky Gervais Show.  You can get it through his website, or through iTunes.  Updates weekly, and it’s pretty funny, I say.

I guess it turns out that the "subscribe to my podcasts" rss link is the same as the rss link to my site.  no big whoop there, then.
Sorry to bother you.

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