Prompt Service

Last night, for whatever reasons, I didn’t feel like going to bed at the usual time (and when I finally did go to bed, I was wide awake), so I was up until 2am, farting around on the computer.  Actually, farting around on the blog here, seeing what’s what.  I spent some time trying to increase the number of archive pages that are listed.  Currently there are only ten month’s worth of archives.  Since I’ve been doing this since 2003, there are many more months that are at least two-clicks away (Can You Imagine!).
Failing to find a solution, I sent off an email to the Typepad people, asking how to rectify that issue.
This morning when I wake up, the reply is waiting in my inbox.  Prompt service.
Unfortunately, one cannot list all the monthly archives on the ‘front page’.  It’s limited to ten.  But, Carla suggested, one could add a Typelist link to my full archives page (even though clicking on the word ‘Archives’ achieves the same thing).  So, that’s what I’ve done.
I’m happy enough.

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