WTF? WMF vulnerability? Here’s a hotfix:

So, another hole/security issue has been discovered within Windows.  Apparently it’s a pretty nasty one, and can infect your computer through a number of avenues.  As of now, Microsoft doesn’t have any patch ready to go, but there is a temporary fix available.

Here’s the link to download the temporary patch.  Just download this link and install it.  When Microsoft finally gets around to offering their official patch, just remove this one and go with the official one.

Don’t just take my word for it (I’m just taking the word of others around the ‘net), but sounds like this one shouldn’t be ignored.  
Do your own research on this issue, and feel comfortable about installing this temporary patch before you do install it.  If you have problems as a result of the patch, don’t blame me.
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  1. Chris says:

    I just finished patching the xp systems at the office before reading your post. You’re absolutely right. This is as nasty as they come. It’s a security flaw that can be taken advantage of very quickly without the knowledge of the user – simply by visiting a web site and viewing an infected WMF (image) file. Links to such pages are circulating via MSN Messenger worm (a link pops up for no reason from a person on your contact list) and through email.


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