An Alternate Universe Post

20 years ago, after I graduated from high school, I was seriously considering going to Concordia University in Montreal, to study psychology.  I decided to stay on PEI and attend UPEI, where I did major in psychology for my first two years.  There, I met Dave Moses, who pestered me to be in a play.  I had never really considered my “artistic” before then, but I succumbed (this is a word, by the way, that I have found myself using at least four times in the last three days) to Dave’s requests and thus continued down the path that leads me to this exact moment.
I sometimes wonder what I would have become had I gone to Concordia.  I’m pretty sure I would have never discovered my theatrical talents, and would be leading a very different life than the one I now lead.
Fortunately, for the curious, I have been working on a little side project that has enabled me to Google alternate universes.  I just stumbled upon a blog written by my Concordia University Graduate self.  Yes, I am blogging in that universe too.  Only they, from what I can gather, call it Diaristing.  I never thought I’d be thankful for the term ‘blogger’ but it beats the hell out of ‘diarist’.
Anyway, I thought I’d post the very first entry that I found through Google from that universe.

The title of my alternate universe blog, by the way, is “Tapped Cerebellum”.  (I hate it!)

Aug.15, 2005
Mrs. Fister called me into the lab again today.  Lordy, I do despise her nervous ticking eye!  Yet, I can’t look away from it.  Once again, she had a calamity that “only Robert could solve”.  Seeing that it was totally a frontal lobe situation, it only took me about two minutes to solve.  As a matter of corporate security, I am not at liberty to divulge the nature of her experiment.  But I can say that the monkey smells wonderful.
So, yeah, it was a pretty typical day.  Got home and watched CPAC while we ate.  God, I hope Manning doesn’t win another majority government.  Montreal used to be a fun town, before the Reformatarians took control.  I can’t believe I’m posting this, but I hope the Ben Mulroney Liberals beat the hell out of them.  I’m certainly ready to get some of my freedoms back.
Rundell said something pretty funny at Evening Meal.  I was explaining my deductive reasoning for applying a liberal amount of ranch dressing to the salad, when he bursts out with “I don’t like ranches.  I live in a city, not a ranch!”  LOL My god, we all laughed so!  Can you believe he and Bonnie Jovi are already 12!! 
American Idol was pretty good tonight.  Goodness, they’re all talented singers.  They all deserve to win.  I can’t decide which one I like better.  I know for certain, though, that my wife, Marguerite, is hoping for Bo Bice.
Anyway, must tuck myself into bed.  Work comes early for the workers.

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  1. frankie says:

    Where can I write to Dave Moses? I want to thank him!!


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