The Unidentified Celbrities Paradox

So, there’s this tv commercial for a show coming up called something like “Celebrity Skating”.  That’s not the title, I know, but I don’t care what the title is, because I won’t be watching it.
I’m guessing it’s trying to cash in on last year’s celebrity ballroom dancing craze.  I’m assuming it was a craze, because it said so in magazines.  I didn’t watch any of it, yet I somehow know that Mr. Peterman won.  Or didn’t win, but then was allowed to try and win again?

Anyway, back to the celebrity skaters.  In this show, it says, 6 celebrities will try to learn how to figure skate, being taught by famous skaters.  As this is said, in the ad, they show the faces of six people.  I have no idea who any of the six people are.  I honestly don’t know if they are the 6 celebrities or the famous skaters.  I assume that they are the celebrities.  But I seriously have no idea who they are.  And you know me, I’m pretty pop savvy.

Which begs the question:  Should someone who is unidentifiable be labelled a “celebrity”?  Doesn’t that just invalidate the value of, you know, real celebrities?
How will I sleep tonight?

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  1. Frankie says:

    It’s pathetic I know, but yes, I’ve been sort of following this. One of the “celebrities” is Willis from Diffrent Strokes, another celeb is Debbie Gibson (pop singer from the 80’s who goes by “Deborah” now. These ex-celebs are sort of impressing me though, because they are willing to go through a measly 8 weeks of training and then perform on TV with Olympic champs…Scott Hamilton and Nancy Kerrigan being two. It’s a joke, I won’t be watching either, but the fact that they are willing to do this…well, I gotta give them that anyway.


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