Oscar Results

That was a pretty straightforward Oscars telecast, don’t you think?  Jon Stewart had some pretty funny lines, but mostly seemed irrelevant to the proceedings.  I don’t think he really won the room over.  Don’t think there’s any special reason to invite him back for another hosting gig next year, though.  I liked the Daily Show-like negative personal-attack ads for some of the nominees, but on the whole, the comedy-entertainment portions of the evening were nothing special.
Dolly Parton still looks fabulous.  Of course, I don’t want to imagine what she’d look like close up, outside of her wig and makeup and girdles and happy-go-lucky stage-persona.  Shudder.
Only two surprises in the night, I suppose.  “Hard to be a pimp” winning was a surprise to me, and I guess Crash winning Best Picture was a surprise to a lot of people too.
Not to some of the 30 people who took part in The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool, however.
Here, then, are the results:

Three submissions came in after I had closed the pool, so I didn’t even look at those.  Sorry.

3 correct:  Calico Cat
6 correct:  Kratz & Orca (one submission, two names), Kris, Mary
7 correct:  Uberdiva
8 correct:  Frankie
9 correct:  Chester Pryne
10 correct: Tracy, Graham the Conquerer, Coda
11 correct:  Paella, Laura, Steverino, Sprague
12 correct:  DaveS, Rob MacD, Third Dead Girl, DW
13 correct:  Dylan Miller, DaveM, J-Ro, Peeshie
14 correct:  Fraser, Elvira ‘I Know Popcultured Sucks’ Kurt, Armchair Knowitall, Dina
15 correct:  Ghislaine
16 correct:  Matt, RhiannonJF
and with an excellent 18 correct:  Curt

Truly an astounding feat, Curt.  Well done.  If you want two tickets to see Sketch22 this summer, send me an email, and I’ll send you off some kind of redeemable print-off, or something that says you won two tickets to the show.

Thanks everyone, for playing.  See you all next year.


  1. frankie says:

    Hey, there’s an error! I got 9 right, which puts me in a tie with Chester. I think Chester and I should win something too. Maybe we could be allowed to jump to the front of the line or something at your next show?

    I thought Jon Stewart was okay. The thing I really hate about the Oscars is watching the continuous montages throughout the night. OMG can’t they come up with something more original? By 11:15 I was in a drool-soaked sleep. ZZZZZ


  2. Jay says:

    Yeah, a pretty forgettable Oscars on the whole. It was almost if all of this year’s serious issue movie nominees turned the room into a funeral parlour. I wasn’t sure if Jack Nicholson’s heart was beating until he went onstage to present best pic and I swear George Clooney donned his smirk mask and slept the night away after he won. Pretty gloomy bunch. Poor Jon Stewart didn’t stand a chance. I did laugh a few times. I thing my favourite joke was the one about Bjork getting shot by Dick Cheney.

    Anyhow, congrats Curt. I’ll get you next time, Annekenstein Oscar Monster Pool!


  3. graham says:

    Like most of the Oscars in the past, I didn’t watch this one. When I was a kid, dreaming of becoming the next Spielberg cuz he seemed like a grown up kid, I avidly watched them. After (and maybe before) Titanic and Training Day ( I know they are seperate years) won awards I saw them for the bullshit that they are.
    I like movies still though, so I’ll keep watching the nominated ones, buit they are hardly ever my favourite movies for that year.


  4. Steverino says:

    Dammit! I wanted to beat Rainnie. I don’t know why… just did. And I came close to Rob. At least I beat Graham.
    I thought I had a chance at winning, while watching last night. I think I did OK, given that I didn’t see any of the movies, save for one or two… Corpse Bride… saw that. I can’t think of any others that I watched.


  5. davem says:

    that’s it… i doff my director’s beret to Mr. Matt Rainnie. Two years in a row… All I can say is… at least it never entered my mind that it was even possible that Crash would win best film… Not only has Matt defeated me… Hollywood has too… I yield!


  6. Calico Cat says:

    I feel retarded, sorry for pissing in your Oscar pool.. last place? I really did try..



  7. Jack Yan says:

    Not sure if I agree with you on Ms Parton, and her plastic surgery work was the topic of a lot of conversations here. However, I have to say Dolly still has that fine voice of hers. Agreed on Jon Stewart, not too bad, in my book, though well behind Billy Crystal in terms of winning the audience over.


  8. Tylenol with codeine.



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