My April Fool’s Joke On You All

Oh my god, did you hear the news?  Well-Known Celebrity died last night.  That is so sad.  And I was so looking forward to Well-Known Celbrity’s upcoming movie and/or song and/or book  (okay, well, not book, because, seriously, how many authors can be classified as a W-K C?)
Sorry I don’t have a direct link to the news item, but I’m sure if you look on the front page of any news website, you’ll find out all the details.  Apparently, it was a drug overdose, which is so unexpected coming from Well-Known Celebrity because of all the charity work s/he’s done.

Okay, can’t keep it up any longer!  You guys are all so pwned!!!  I made it up!  Well-Known Celebrity isn’t dead at all!!  Ha Ha!!  Ummm, do you remember what day it is today?  It’s April First, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day.  And I can definitely say that YOU are the fool for being hooked into believing such a ludicrous story.  As if Well-Known Celebrity would ever die from a drug overdose.

Huh?  Whattyamean I “gave the joke away in the post’s title”?

Oh.  Shit.  Guess the joke’s on me then, isn’t it.  There, you happy now?  With that superior, contemptible, pitious look on your face right now.  Yeah, okay, laugh at me.  I don’t care.  You always were such an asshole!

Huh?  Whattyamean I “can delete and change the title of the post before I click on the ‘Publish’ button”?  What Publish button?  Oh, you mean *this* Publish button.  And you’re saying I should click on it?  Okay, if you say so…


  1. graham says:

    I heard Willie Nelson was killed. run over. Shitty. I guess he was just playin on the road again.

    Also Condoleeza Rice admitted that Bush and his cronies made “thousands of tactical errors”, and that history will show the truth.

    The french people have finally settled down after weeks of riots over a job law.

    …April Fools! they’re still rioting and burning the streets. Someone should just let them eat some cake or something.


  2. Jay says:

    Fooled again! Stop!


  3. Nils says:

    Ack. You totally had me. Took me two minutes to get it. Damn.


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