Worst Episode Ever

Last night’s American Idol was terrible.
The singing was almost universally uninspired.   I cannot remember one performance in which I was impressed.   Taylor was screechy and bland.  Mandisa belted well enough, but the song choice was awful. Ace came close to being good, but failed on a number of attempts to sustain those wispy, heartfealt notes.  Elliott started off a bit rocky (he always starts off rocky) and never really gained his confidence (not that he ever seems to have any).   Paris seemed nervous and unsure of herself and it resulted in, perhaps, her worst performance to date.  Chris did an okay job on his song, but I ultimately was bored by it.  Katharine, too, did okay with her song, but I did not like the song at all.  Kellie performed well enough to stick around for another week I think.  She was, as the panellists informed us, “in her comfort zone” and performed well-enough on yet another song that I hated.  Interesting, too, was Ryan getting her to admit that, yes, she is that dumb.   Bucky was supposed to be in his comfort zone too, but I thought his performance was terrible.
The judges/Ryan were in some weird World of Pettiness.  Usually that can be good for a moment or two, but last night it just seemed ugly.  The whole night seemed like visiting a home where you know everybody had just been fighting, but they’re pretending to be cordial, but can’t help slipping in jabs at each other, and it makes everyone uncomfortable.  Was it a failed attempt to inject some drama into a night that the producers perhaps suspected (rightly) wouldn’t have any drama from the performers?  Or is there real animosity between some of these people?
Simon, more and more each week, looks like he’d rather be elsewhere.  Some of his looks imply to me “I can’t believe how incredibly stunned and stupid and infantile you people are.” 
Anyway, a very uninspired night.
Bottom Three:  Bucky, Katharine, Kellie

Bucky will be leaving the show this week.

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  1. Jay says:

    This one’s for you Matt…

    Okay, what more can I add? The show stunk. I think it’s great that they have theme nights that force the contestants out of their comfort zone. If they didn’t, I suspect that we’d be forced to hear Chris do Creed every week and Kellie to do Dolly Parton covers. But boy, do they ever stink at country. I think the worst problem was the songs they picked. I’m not a big country fan myself, but I do know that there are much better songs they could have picked than these. Mandisa singing Shania Twain was just weird. I would have picked Bucky, Taylor and Kellie as bottom three, but was surprised to hear Mandisa went. Just goes to show that picking a bad song can end it all. And what’s with the judges? I’m starting to think that there may actually be some run mixed into Paula’s Coke. Which brings me to her left eye. Is it lazy? Is it possible for one eye to be drunk? And if so, is she hiding it behind that flip of hair on purpose? In the spirit of optometry enthusiasts everywhere, I’d like to introduce the “Penetrating Eyes” report. This week’s winner – Bucky Covington, for his penetrating gaze into camera at the end of his country number. Take that Ace Young! And minus a point for Paula’s left eye. Only half-open and focused on nothing, it could be described as de-penetrating.

    Next week – Queen! Thank god.


  2. Rob says:

    Seriously, Queen? What, do they have an album coming out?
    Who will be the fool to ruin Bohemian Rhapsody? And will Bucky be told that the deceased lead singer of Queen was gay?


  3. Jay says:

    Yeah, could be a big butcher job. But I love Queen.

    Here’s who I’d like to sing what:

    Bucky – Another One Bites the Dust
    Chris – I Want to Ride My Bicycle
    Elliot – I Want to Break Free
    Katherine – A Kind of Magic
    Paris – Bohemian Rhapsody
    Ace – Under Pressure
    Taylor – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Kellie – I don’t think I want her to sing Queen


  4. Steverino says:

    It’s funny thinking of that bald rocker dude Chris trying to sing that song. There aren’t too many fans of Creed / bland rock that’d sing about riding a bike… or even know the song.
    As to why they’re doing it… maybe they’re just trying to boost their profile with the kiddies out there that aren’t in the know. May’s said they’ll never do a show like INXS did… so maybe it’s just a different way to get publicity on TV. It may just be an attempt to boost ticket sales for their musical, too.


  5. Steverino says:

    Some alternate song choices to think about, and some alternate choices of who sings what.

    Chris – We Are The Champions
    Taylor – Somebody To Love
    Elliot – Don’t Stop Me Now
    Katharine – Under Pressure
    Paris – You’re My Best Friend
    Kellie – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Ace – Killer Queen
    Bucky – Fat Bottomed Girls

    These are just my first stabs… I’m casually cycling other options in my head as I work and listen to tunes. Multi-taskin’ baby!

    I think the choice for Ace is good… it’s rockin’ and lets him do his high-note thang. There is no other song better for Bucky. Plus, he can dedicate it to the newly-dropped Mandisa. Kellie’s is good ’cause of the country slant (the popular Yoakam version). I think either choice for Taylor is good. Elliot doing “Don’t…” lets him canoodle all around, while still being powerful & rocky for once. Chris’ song wouldn’t let him yell the whole thing, which would be good for everyone. Paris & Katharine are tougher to pick for if those other songs are gone. Go figure, eh? It’s hard to pick Queen songs for girls.


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