Did You Drove, Or Did You Flew?

Hey, all you cool and hip person who reads this site – I’m curious as to whether you actually visit this Typepad site (with its red and black and white and picture of me to the left etc) to read all the wonderfully funny and interesting, and, yes, poignant, things I write, or do you merely read the words from some sort of rss feed service and not get to experience the beauty and wonder of my online home?

If you could let me know by posting your answer in the comments to this post, I’d, like, really appreciate it. 


  1. Jason says:

    Hey Rob. I find out what’s new via an RSS feed.


  2. Hans says:

    I come here through cityfilter but I click through to the actual site instead of just reading the text.


  3. paella says:

    I come to the site to see what’s up. Why would I opt to read text instead of seeing your crazy mug in braids staring at me as I read?


  4. Cyn says:

    RSS (Bloglines)


  5. Cool Girl says:

    Come to annie land. Don’t know why. Just do.


  6. Paul H says:

    I clicks on one of me favorates…
    and up you come, mug and all.


  7. missk says:

    Oh I come to the site, I like your pretty braids. Its funny in Anne land.


  8. Rob L. says:

    I use an RSS reader but I am not subscribed to your feed, yet. I usually arrive here — to the actual site — via charlottetown.cityfilter.org


  9. ghislaine says:

    no RSS for me. i have the full meal deal bookmarked


  10. Tracy says:

    No RSS for me either.


  11. Mandy says:

    I actually come to the site. I don’t use an RSS reader. I feel if someone works to design the site, then they want me to see it


  12. Nils says:

    I come to the site. I mean, I’m perpetually disappointed and disillusioned, but I return time after time anyway.


  13. I visit from Thunderbird’s RSS reader


  14. Calico Cat says:

    Nopes I won’t, I tooks the dirt road out hind’ the barn.. and i ain’t talkin’ bout’ me/yer uncle who never married…the bugger(er).

    Poignant, perhaps.. pungent, sometimes.

    You are Preston from a previous life..

    Calico Cat


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