Not To Misqued Someone, But…

Did anyone read the full-page Walter Piccott ad in today’s The Guardian?  Holy smokes!
Here it is, punctuated as printed:

A Family Passion

When asked what fuels the fire on the action corner Stephen Piccott General Manager answered quite promptly with , ” that’s and easy one its “PASSION” for this place I don’t no if its right or wrong but both me and my dad Walter Piccott President share the same feelings down deep for Walter Piccott Chevrolet Cadillac Chevy Trucks its running through our veins and we have a connection here on this corner thats honestly, probably too much for a place to come to work but its naturally embedded in us.  I remember the night we had our grand opening of the new facility and both me and dad spoke for a few minutes to the guests and media and we both we’re so overwhelmed with emotion that a lot of people questioned us after and our only answers were, it’s what we’re all about and to introduce this beautifu new facility to PEI is simply a dream come true for our family.
We’re very excited about our 2006 auto show that will be held this weekend here at the dealership showcasing all the exciting new 2006 General Motors products and services and special auto show offers General Motors has had some negative press lately and I think a lot of it has been misqued in my opinion General Motors is the number one automaker in the world and has been for many years the GM commitment introduced earlier this year is a step made by General Motors that sets them apart from other automakers and lays it on the line with lowest suggested prices, most added features, best in class designs and top quality in every vehicle it’s what I like to call A Home Team Story. General Motors is a North American company that takes care of its own and at the end of the day the hard earned dollars that consumers spend on the second biggest purchase of there life stays in North America with the home team.  I know that seems like a pretty powerful statement and thats exactly what it is, General Motors North American proud.  I invite all fellow islanders to drop by Friday from 4 till 8 and Saturday form 9 till 1 to experience for themselves a touch of this passion with the home team.”

So, how did that happen?  Was it written in an email, with the horrible punctuation, and then transferred as is?  Was it intentional?  Was it a recorded statement that was later transcribed?  If so, why wasn’t it corrected?
How is this allowed?


  1. Calico Cat says:

    Sorry I missed that one… Being an ad it was likely printed exactly as submitted,, regardless, makes one wonder how this business can read their own high tech service manuals on the overpriced poorly manufactured GM products being sold. One would think that the media selling the space would provide some sort of support. Then again, this is the paper that covers the island with dew..(do do?).


  2. Jason says:

    u dont have to bee smrt too sel carz rob.


  3. graham says:

    I get the sense of desperation from this note. It seems that GM is perhaps slipping and the owner/ operator had to write this thing as one single task on a giant list of tasks that needed to get done. It’s rushed. To me, as a consumer, this “ad” is counter-productive. It paints the company as a dwindling, desperate, sick outfit.

    No offense intended to the poor owner/operator, who probably in all likelihood just switched secretaries and is the victim of shitty help.


  4. Tracy says:

    Graham, I’m of the mind that his assistant was on vacation.


  5. graham says:

    true, I just put in that last comment because I bet Stephen Piccot is really sad… so I made it sound like it probably wasn’t his fault, when in reality it was and he’s an idiot


  6. Cool Girl says:

    He is cute, though.

    Just sayin.


  7. graham says:

    I thought he was cute at the club, but when I woke up in the morning and looked over, it was a different story… he makes a mean ommelette..


  8. Cool Girl says:

    Oh, wait. I guess I haven’t woken up yet. Its been a long weekend.


  9. Paul H says:

    You no what this says too me bye an import or wood that bee “bye and import”?


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