Rollerskate Hunt

This, from Jason, our intrepid producer:

Free Sketch tickets! For rollerskates!
Okay, everyone remembers
Let’s Make a Deal, right? Well, if you have the right item kicking
around in your shed, attic, or basement, you can win free tickets to
Sketch-22 this summer!

We are currently searching for 3 pairs of ROLLERSKATES (not
rollerblades) for the show this summer. The sizes are: men’s 12, men’s
9, ladies’ 7. If you have one or any of these rollerskates in these
sizes and would be willing to part with them for the summer (I know,
it’s hard!) let us know. And we’ll set you up for 2 free tickets to a
Sketch show this summer. If you can help us find these, you’ll be our
hero forever. If you do, respond to this blog or email me, Jason, at

Rollerskates! You got ’em? We need ’em!

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  1. Paul H says:

    I still have mine from working at Skate Country. Size 11….sorry. And they are in the wrong province….
    never mind…
    I wonder what Skinny Minny Miller is doing these days…?


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