TAM Daily Trivia – June Results

Here are the results of The Annekenstein Monster’s Daily Trivia for June:
25 players played during the month.

1. reverseflash (332 points, 4 wins)
2. Grover (295 points, 1 wins)
3. dsoju’s sis (293 points, 6 wins)
4. Mrmovie (281 points, 1 wins)
5. Wessie (268 points, 4 wins)
6. RFTT1985 (245 points, 2 wins)
7. desperation (221 points, 0 wins)
8. dsoju (214 points, 2 wins)
9. annekenstein (191 points, 1 wins)
10. TracyJ (189 points, 1 wins)

Congratulations to reverseflash for walking away from the competition this month.

I find it interesting that in the past two months, I have performed poorly in my own game of trivia, yet in another person’s game, which utilizes the exact same pool of questions, I perform well.  On par with the top scorers in this game.

A new month of daily games begins today.  Come and join if you want, at The Annekenstein Monster Daily Trivia.

1 Comment

  1. dylan says:

    I am the champion.

    I don’t know very much about any one thing but I sure know a little bit about everything. Plus I’m a good guesser.


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