The Annekenstein Monster NFL Picks Pool

Last year, four people played The Annekenstein Monster NFL Picks Pool, hosted at The Weekly NFL Picks Page.

In the end, I narrowly defeated Reverseflash (at least that’s how I remember it), and I believe it came down to the second to last week before it was decided.  This year, the pool will be once again set up.  Think you can guess better than anyone else which NFL teams will win on any given Sunday?  Why not sign up and join the pool.  The pool name is The Annekenstein Monster.  The password to become a member of the pool is:  sketch22

There is no prize to speak of, but the pride you have in coming in second to me will be more than worth the effort of making your picks each week.

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  1. dylan says:

    This year I’ve been eating my vitamins and saying my prayers. I won’t fall victim to my early season stumbles that kept me down last year. And I won’t foolishly keep picking the Raiders to win.


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