No Gallup, This Poll

I’ve added a poll widget to the site.  I’ll change the poll topic periodically.  The first poll concerns some of the characters from this season’s Sketch22 production.  If you’ve seen the show this year, which live stage character was your favourite?  Choose your favourite from the characters listed, keeping in mind that actors’ egos hang in the balance.
For the record, I voted for Ronnie, the father from Heart & Soil.

update: Full disclosure time.  Okay, so it looks like I voted for Amadeus.  What happened was:  When I originally set up the poll, the border was black.  I voted for Ronnie, then decided that the border would look better in red, so I went to the site and changed it.  When I re-loaded the poll, I guess it reset the original polling info.  Then when I came back here to see the poll results, I inadvertently clicked on Amadeus. So, technically, I voted for Amadeus, but my heart’s pick is Ronnie.

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