The Annekenstein Monster NFL Picks

Just a final reminder for anyone who wants to sign up and play in The Annekenstein Monster NFL pool at The Weekly NFL Picks Page that you should do so sooner than later.  Unless you’ve played at that site before, you’ll have to register if you want to play, but it’s a simple registration, and there’s no spam or anything to worry about if you do register.
It’s a pretty simple game to play.  However to play it well is more challenging.  All you have to do is, each week, pick which NFL teams will beat the team they are playing.  But it’s not a straight up pick.  It’s based on the betting point spread.  Even if you know nothing about football, you should join in and play if you want.
This is the first week of the new season, and there is a game this Thursday, so for this week, people’ll have to get their picks in earlier than usual.
So far, there’s a handful of players listed.  Some are from last year, so I don’t know if they’re actually returning or not.  If you’re name is listed below, and you’re not planning on playing this year (chicken), let me know and I’ll remove it.

For the rest of you who haven’t joined yet:  Come on and play and show us who think we know football how wrong we are.

Players listed in the pool:
Graham the Conquerer
Jim Simmonds
and last year’s pool winner:

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