A Luted Sting

Now, if I hadn’t watched it, and if somebody told me that Sting was on this week’s Studio 60, and that he was playing a lute, I’d probably scoff and imagine the ArrogantAndPompous version of Sting coyly smugging himself into the show.
But I did see it (twice, actually), and I’m very surprised at how wonderful it was. I’ve been, at times, a pretty big fan of Sting’s music. Not so much lately, but I think he’s immensely talented. It’s just his personality sometimes gets in the way. Anyway, I didn’t recognise the first song he did, but enjoyed it quite a bit. However, the lute version of Fields of Gold he performed at the end of the show was, well, wonderful.
Still, though, the show continues to bug me. The characters are far too-often too involved and engaged in the conversations they have, and are never at a loss for words. Unless it’s written that they’re supposed to be at a loss. For a comedy show, nobody seems to be having much fun. Not that that’s a prerequisite for being involved in a comedy show, but they’re just so serious about everything. And are any of them someone you’d want to spend any time with?
At least this week’s shown comedy segments were supposed to be on the verge of being funny. Because that’s exactly what they were. On the verge of being funny.
I’m still hanging in there, with the show, but I’m not in any way gaga over it. I’ll watch next week.

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  1. Ann says:

    Last week, Sting was on the Today show promting his new lute album. So when I saw him on Studio 60, I had about the same reaction that I would have if one the characters started promoting Coca-Cola. It was product placement and it ticked me offf.


  2. Rob says:

    Before I saw the show, I didn’t know Sting had a lute album coming out. After the show, I didn’t know Sting had a lute album coming out, until I read it here. So, the product placement was pretty subtle, imo, and well-integrated into the show.
    Really, I have little problem with product placement in programs if it’s not blatant.
    However, Ann, your product placement post on this blog about Sting’s new lute album was pretty obvious. I’ll tolerate it this one time. But only because I like to type “lute album”.


  3. Ann says:

    I wonder how far we’ll be down in thee Google chain when someone types “Sting lute album”?

    Pants on fire, by the way.


  4. Rob says:

    Ha ha. When you asked me if I had read your response, I thought you meant a response to my response to your initial response. Follow? That’s why I said “no”. Afterwards, I thought “she meant had I read her initial response”, and since I said no, she’s gonna think I was a liar. And, sure enough.
    So, my pants aren’t technically on fire.


  5. dylan says:

    I have no problems with product placement. If the creators of a show can get money for having their characters drink Pepsi or use Dell computers go for it. I can’t honestly say that I wouldn’t wear a Nike shirt if someone offered me a hundred dollars to do it. I’m hardly shocked to see Sting guesting on a show when he has something to sell. Actually I got a big kick out of Sting’s appearence because of last weeks Extras episode.

    And you guy’s don’t want to know how much it cost me to get Graham to wear superhero shirts on Sketch 22 posters.


  6. Rob says:

    “And you guy’s don’t want to know how much it cost me to get Graham to wear superhero shirts on Sketch 22 posters.”
    It costs us all, Dylan. It costs us all.

    I agree, Dylan. As long as it doesn’t go against the integrity of a character, or of the show, then I see no problem with it. Studio 60 is a different beast in that their show within the show is a show on which people show up to hock things. They need to be careful of allowing too much product placement get in the way of the story. I think if I had known that Sting (in real life) was releasing a lute album, I may have been bugged, too. But I didn’t know, and merely thought it was good casting. In the future, if they take 7 minutes out of their show to allow a guest-performer perform, I’ll be less willing to let it go.
    And I thought of Chris Martin from Coldplay on Extras too, Dylan.


  7. graham says:

    I’d rather see 7 minutes of their sketches, then listen to a musician. Even Sting.

    The show is fun, I like most of the characters, I’ll watch it every week, but it hasn’t blown me away yet.


  8. coda says:

    I thought it was a beautiful performance. Lutes rule!


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