The Weekly NFL Picks Update

Well, the NFL season is firmly into its “if Team A wins three of their last four while Team B gets arrested in Mexico for indecent exposure, and as long Team C doesn’t cannibalize itself in a plane crash in the Andes, Team D has a slight chance of securing a Wild Card Spot” period, and it’s time to check in with my little NFL Picks contest.
Never before have I sucked more in making my picks each week.  I am an abysmal 85-107, which is 44.3%.  I could, theoretically, do better by flipping a coin.

Here are the current standings, with 4 regular season and all the playoff weeks/games still to come:

Graham the Conqueror is on top with the only 50%+ score:  99-93 (51.6%)
Next is the always near the top reverseflash with 92-100 (47.9%)
spragger2002 & Jim Simmonds are tied for third with 90-102 (46.9%)
RFTT1985 started out strong this season, but fell down the standings to 89-103 (46.3%)
Yours Truly, annekenstein, is at the bottom of the barrel, with a paltry 85-107 (44.3%)

And it’s not just a couple of bad weeks which have done me in.  Every week, I’ve sucked in my picks.  Except, I think, two weeks ago when I got something like 9-6.

My Dolphins have had a remarkably frustrating season, too, by the way.  A 1-6 start to the season doomed them to any realistic chance of making the playoffs.  They’re currently 5-7 and can only hope to play spoiler for others from here on out (even though they are not yet mathematically eliminated from playoff contention).


  1. RFTT1985 says:

    Heads are rolling this morning at Liberal Party headquarters. National Director Steve Mackinnon has resigned. It remains unclear whether Kim Doran, currently Director of Organization, or John Arnold, the Director of Finance, will also fall to the pogrom. Names on the short-list to replace Mackinnon include ex-PMO’er Brian Guest, Dion campaign manager Mark Marrissen, and former party director George Young. Benefits to the lucky appointee include the opportunity to bend elbows with Don Newman and Jane Taber in the martini bar at Hy’s. Developing.


  2. RFTT1985 says:

    whoops! I meant to talk about my football picks and was reading at the same time.


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