Sore Neck

So, last week I spent two afternoons dressed up as a giant cigarette.  It was for some TV ads for Smoker’s Helpline.  It was a great looking costume.  However, for one of the ads, I was required to be in the back seat of a minivan.  At over 7 feet of cigarette and me, I didn’t really fit, so they had to take the seat out and I kind of crawled in and perched myself on the floor. It wasn’t that uncomfortable a position, but I came out of the experience with a sore neck.  Kind of like a pinched nerve type of dealy.  That was Thursday, and today my neck is still sore.
Part of the problem is that I’ve been having difficulties with my pillow in bed.  It’s too flat, yet if I combine it with a second pillow, it’s too tall.

Anyway, is there any way I can sue Big Tobacco for my sore neck problem?  Successfully sue, I might add.


  1. Mandy says:

    time for a new pillow..


  2. Paul H says:

    Sorry to make you the butt of the joke…but were you mild or menthol? I had to ash… Had to be king size with your height….Did you know there is aleady a brand name cig. from Macdonalds? Were you allowed in bathrooms because you can’t smoke in bathrooms?


  3. Rob MacD says:

    Paul H, ladies and gentlemen. He’s here all week! Try the pork.


  4. Paul H says:

    Show of hands please for those who think Rob might be less sarcastic after a good nights sleep on a new pillow?


  5. Tim says:

    Rob — Try a contoured memory foam pillow. I got one about a year ago and swear by it… A little pricier, but well worth it.


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